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Steel has been a building material of choice for thousands of years. But steel will inevitably corrode after being exposed to the elements.  The same goes for all other building materials, but when steel corrodes, it becomes rather unsightly as well as structurally unsound. You can choose other forms of metal which prevent corrosion, but you’ll lose the cost-effective price and durability of steel. Stainless steel or aluminum are alternative options to avoid steel corrosion, but both options are far more expensive than the more clear solution: galvanized steel.

Galvanizing provides steel with a physical barrier much like painting or coating. This barrier prevents corrosion while still being more affordable than other corrosion-proof options. Galvanizing steel requires a zinc coating to be applied to the steel in a molten hot bath. The zinc then fuses to the iron in the steel and creates a durable coating which will not peel or flake, and the finished galvanized steel can then be turned into a finished product which is completely protected from corrosion. In turn, the steel becomes more safe and durable than steel which has not been galvanized. This also means you save money on your steel structure because you don’t have to perform as many repairs and replacements on steel parts.

When it comes to shelving systems which will be outdoors, in a humid environment, or exposed to chemical applications, galvanized steel is the clear option. You don’t have to compromise the durability of your shelving units by switching to a different type or more expensive metal. Rather, you can use the strong, reliable steel you know and trust while still avoiding destructive and unsightly corrosion.  Additionally, you will see your shelving units lasting much longer than they would with traditional steel. With galvanizing, your units will withstand exposure to the atmosphere, UV rays, snow, rain, or other elements or even being submerged or embedded in water, concrete, or soil.