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When steel is put through the hot dip galvanization process, it becomes resistant to the outdoor and natural elements which cause rust in regular steel which is not galvanized. Galvanized steel can be used in a variety of applications including bridge building, pallet racks, and even artistic installments. With galvanized steel these structures are made to last. However, it is crucial that these structures are held together with the right kind of fasteners. Even when used on galvanized steel, nails and fasteners which are not galvanized are still susceptible to rust and can compromise the soundness of the galvanized steel structure. This is why it is important to use galvanized fasteners on your galvanized steel structures.

Small galvanized pieces like fasteners go through the hot dip galvanization process in much the same way as larger galvanized pieces would. They get immersed into a series of chemical baths including molten zinc. But unlike large galvanized pieces, fasteners are then spun in special equipment to help remove the excess zinc from the areas which a cleaning rinse may not be able to reach. This leaves the fasteners with a nearly impenetrable coating of zinc.

Using galvanized fasteners will save you money and time when it comes to repairs on a galvanized structure. Fasteners will have to be replaced less often and you will save time with repairs because of how much longer they last compared to fastener which are not galvanized. Galvanized fasteners have a harder surface and stronger bond than fasteners with any other type of coating or no coating at all. A coating which is a difficult to damage as a hot dipped galvanized coating makes for a fasteners which will last a lifetime and will not interfere with the integrity of the structure it is holding together.