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In essence, galvanized steel and painted steel are very similar. They both are steel at the core which means they both have the strength it takes to do heavy jobs. They both also have anti corrosive properties which prevent them from rust. However, galvanized steel has an advantage over painted steel in some areas. Galvanized steel needs far less upkeep than painted steel, and galvanized steel is cheaper than painted steel in the long run. Here are 3 reasons you should choose galvanized steel over pained steel for your next building project.

They Are Both Steel. Though galvanized steel goes through a chemical process in order for it to attain its anti-corrosive zinc coating, the chemical process does not damage the integrity of the steel. This means you do not have to take the strength of galvanized steel into consideration when you are comparing it against untreated steel or painted steel. The “galvanized” part of galvanized steel simply means that it has been made to withstand rust and other external elements.

Less Upkeep. Galvanized steel is a one-time treatment. Whether it goes through a hot-bath galvanization process or any other type of galvanization process, once the steel is galvanized, it stays galvanized. Painted steel need to have upkeep performed on it often. A painted coating is easy to chip if it is hit with some type of impact or if it is worn away by weather. Chipping paint exposes the steel and leaves it susceptible to rust and corrosion. This means the paint has to be replaced whenever something causes it to chip. Galvanized steel will not chip and therefore will not corrode.

More Cost Effective. At first glance, galvanized steel may look like it is more costly than painted steel, and up front is does cost more. However, galvanized steel needs little to no upkeep, which means less cost for you. Where the painted coating on steel needs to be replaced and touched up quite often, the galvanized coating on steel can last up to 75 years—meaning that is how often you have to spend money to replace it.