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Safety Equipment

Bullnose Protectors

Red Steel’s selection of bullnose protectors Prevent forklift damage to the front and side of the racks ends. Bullnose protectors are the ideal protection for your warehouse uprights in narrow aisles. It refers to a style of column protector that includes a small protrusion at the base of the guard. The bullnose protector is placed in front of upright columns providing protection against low forklift damage.

  • 4″ High x 4″ Wide Protection
  • Ideal for 3″ Uprights
  • Anchor hole is located inside the bull nose
  • Requires a 3/ 4″ x 4″ wedge anchor
  • 5/16″ thick steel construction
  • Adds protection to any rack upright column

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Safety First

Forklift Guide Rails

Shield your pallet racks from forklift impact while providing higher speed in narrow aisles and maximizing your warehouse efficiency with Red Steel’s selection of forklift guardrails.

Guide Rails are designed to protect your warehouse storage racks from impact a stand-up order picker or any other heavy moving equipment such as a forklift. This product is ideal for protecting your expensive storage system from machinery damage.

  • Higher: 5″
  • Thicker: 5/16″
  • Heavier: 8.43 lbs/ft
  • Gussets (Add extra strength)
  • Smart Unions between rail to prevent damage
  • 2 sizes: 20 ft. and 9.5 ft.
  • Anchors holes every 24″
  • Heavy duty entry guide Curves

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Add impact protection to your warehouse!


Protect various areas of your warehouse from vehicle collision with our heavy duty steel bollards. Surface mounted and easy-to-install, Red Steel bollards are designed to withstand full impact!

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Protect your pallet racks from impact!

Bolt-on Post Protectors

It only takes one damaged rack post to compromise the structural integrity of an entire racking unit. Our bolt-on post protectors fit into the upright holes and can be installed at the exact height you need, providing just the right amount of protection for your racking posts.

  • Bolt-on post protectors reinforce your uprights with more steel, increasing the thickness and rigidity of your racks!
  • No floor anchoring required.
  • Fits into upright holes and can be installed at the exact height you need.
  • Solid steel reinforces your pallet rack thickness and rigidity.
  • High visibility powder coated orange color.

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Protect your pallet racks from forklift impact while providing higher speeds and maximizing your warehouse efficiency!

Forklift Guide Rails

Prevent damage to your racking systems with Red Steel Guide Rails. This system improves the safety of your operations by keeping vehicles on track inside your warehouse aisles, allowing higher speeds and maximizing your work efficiency. Using a guide rail will help reduce accidents, protect the products you store and the integrity of your pallet racks. Guide Rail Systems work in perfect harmony with Selective Pallet Racks & Cantilever.

  • Height: 5″
  • Thickness: 5/16″ steel
  • Weight: 8.43 lbs/ ft
  • 2 sizes: 9.5 ft and 20ft
  • Anchor holes every 24″
  • Incorporated Gussets to add extra strength.
  • Smart unions between rails to prevent damage.
  • Heavy duty entry Guide Curves
  • Easy to assemble and replace parts.

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Protect your uprights from being hit by a forklift!

Post Protectors

Anchored post protectors are a cost-effective solution to protect your pallet rack uprights and prevent damages caused by vehicle impact. Wrap around design protects the front and sides of your pallet racks to avoid accidents.

  • Fit around design protects the full width of the rack posts.
  • Steel resists heavy impacts.
  • Anchored to floor for effective protection.
  • Height: 18″ inches
  • Thickness: 5/16″ steel
  • Weight: 13.5 lbs

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Product Specifications & Pricing

Safety Equipment Pricing
Item Code   
Item Description   
Weight (LBS)   
FORKLIFT- GUIDE RAILS 5"x 3" x 5/16" x   9.5 FT - / FT HOLES EVERY 23" RIBS   
FORKLIFT- GUIDE RAILS 5"x 3" x 5/16" x   20 FT HOLES EVERY 23" - HOLES TO BE 3/4" RIBS WT   
4" X 4" BULLNOSE PROTECTOR -- REQUIRES 3/4”   x 4” WA   

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